Get Lost in Pinhão

Private Boat Tour

Hate turistic sites, crowded with people, taking selfies all the time, talking very loud at the cellphone, them I have great news this tour is for YOU..... swim in the river, go to a fantastic beach, make a pic nic in the river shore, take a line and fish, see abandoned trais stations here time stand still, have a port and see the sun set, relax this is your day J

- Meet at Marina do Pinhão
- Off we go to the non touristic sites, places that you can swim in fantastic beaches, fish in the river, see abandoned train stations and make a pic nic in the vines
- Drop off in Marina do Pinhão

If you need pick up/drop off in your hotel or accommodation extra charge may apply - please inquire for a quote

If you need pic nic it´s an extra of 30 euros per person

Meeting Point + Tour Duration
Meeting point and end point options:  Marina do Pinhão
Extra charge for pick up/drop off in your hotel or accommodation - please inquire for a quote

 it´s per hour
In the river there is no traffic and no waves, we can be relaxed !!!

What’s included

Guiding services, private transportation, swim in the river, fishing line and the fish not included!

Kid Friendly:
Yes, kids can sail the boat in the river :) swim in the river, fishing...

Lack of mobility:
If the difficulty is to get in and out of the boat I have strength, the boat is adapted for people with special needs.
This private boat tour on Douro river the views are amazing from the river, you have to sail !!! 

Private boat 150 €/hour
If you need pic nic basket  it´s an extra of 30€ per person

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